Seat Belt Buckle Guard by Roadtrip Essentials

Take the stress out of car journeys

The design of the 'Roadtrip Essentials - Seat Belt Buckle Guard' was born out of our frustrations while on car journeys with our children. How do we stop them unbuckling their seat belt while we are driving? How do we get them to buckle their seat belt back up whilst the vehicle is in motion without being distracted? The 'Roadtrip Essentials - Seat Belt Buckle Guard' solves these problems.

Quick & Easy to USE

Slide guard over buckle

Insert seat belt into buckle

Release using key provided

New Upgraded Design

One large slot for the seat belt to slot through, one smaller slot to allow the release key to press the button. Nice and simple.

Unique Release Key Included

The only seat belt guard on the market to come with its own release key. Unlike competitors who force you to use your own metal house/car key to press the release button through the slot - causing scratches and damage to your buckle.

Child-Proof & Built To Last

Based off of extensive user feedback, the universal design which will fit 99% of vehicles is the ultimate child-proof solution to backseat Houdini's.


Stops the great escape! My 4 year old would unbuckle her seat and start climbing around like she's in a jungle gym - not anymore!!

– Jennifer

This product has helped so much with our special needs son. After showing it to his schools bus driver, they introduced a policy to use them with all their passengers.

– Mary

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