Seat Belt Buckle Guard by Roadtrip Essentials

Our Story

The Seat Belt Buckle Guard by Roadtrip Essentials was designed by parents for parents.

Sure, the joys of parenthood outweigh the stress, and although we would not change a thing for the world, lets face it - it can get stressful when they are mischievous.

And when was our son MOST mischievous? During car journeys.

He went through a phase where he found it hilarious to see our reactions when he unbuckled while we were on a journey. And no matter how much we educated him on the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt, or the consequences from distracting us while driving, it was all in vain.


^ Introducing the magnificent 'Backseat Houdini' himself.

After seeking advice from our friends who were also parents we discovered this is a common problem. So we set about designing the perfect solution.

Now we no longer have to worry about him unbuckling or removing his seatbelt, and we no longer have to pull over, scold him and re-apply his seat belt.

A simple solution to a big problem - we hope our product makes your journeys as stress free as ours.